Summer Mathematical Research Center on Scientific Computing and Its Applications.

Updated timetable (as of 16/07/07)
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Lecturers / Intervenants

  1. Frédéric Alauzet (INRIA):
    Metric-Based Anisotropic Mesh Adaptation

    This course is an introduction to anisotropic mesh adaptation based on the prescription of a metric field to govern the mesh generation. I will first give some geometrical and physical motivations for considering mesh adaptation in numerical simulations. In a second part, the notion of metric is introduced as well as the generation of an adapted mesh with respect to a metric field. Then, the mesh adaptation process is described step by step. I will focus on an example of metric construction based on an analysis of the interpolation error and on the interpolation stage. Finally, the practical construction of metric will be addressed.

  2. Laurent Cohen (Ceremade, Paris IX):
    "Geodesic remeshing using front propagation"
  3. Bruno Desprès (CEA-DAM):
    "Needs in mesh technology and numerical methods for Lagrangian fluid dynamics"
  4. Jean-Pierre Françoise (Paris VII):
    "Geometric visualisation of dynamical systems"
  5. Paul Louis George (INRIA):
    Mesh generation and mesh adaptation methds and techniques

    Introductory materials, basic notions and definitions. Theoretical issues (existence, uniquiness, ...). Quality, tentative definition(s). About Delaunay, triangulation problems versus meshing problems. More than Delaunay, from effective methods to anisotropic issues. Practical issues, basic operations, data structures, numerical problems.

  6. Bertrand Maury (Orsay):
    "Simulation and visualisation of the displacement of interacting rigid bodies"
  7. William Schroeder (Kitware Inc.):
    "The Visualization Toolkit"
  8. Tim Tautges (Argonne Natl. Lab):
    "Geometry tools"
  9. Jean-Christophe Weill (CEA):
    "Introduction to the generation of quadrilateral and hexahedral meshes"