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  2. group 2
  3. group 3
  4. group 4

Account access.

You can recover your Cemracs account via ssh on the following computer:

Each participant can connect himself on this computer with his login and password (the same as during Cemracs).

Caution : your account is accessible in reading only.

List of projetcs updated.

Due to various requets of project leaders, please notice that projects labelled in red are already settled, no addition or exchange is possible.

Registration is now closed.

Please contact the organizers if you want to register for the summer school and/or the research center.

List of projects and members
Updated list of research projects :

A1: Mesh adaptation for an ALE...
  1. Diaz,
  2. Kluth,
  3. Lagoutière,
  4. De Buhan
A2: Local Topological Modification...
  1. Kuate,
  2. Ledoux,
  3. Zorgati
A3: Anisotropic mesh adaptation and levelsets ...
  1. Brand
  2. Bui,
  3. Ducrot
  4. Nemitz
  5. Olivier
A4: DEFORMA: High deformation and mesh...
  1. Bernard,
  2. Deriaz
  3. Jurkova
A5: Geometry correction.
Program has been cancelled
A6: Co-refinement of fault surfaces.
  1. Agelas
  2. Benali
  3. Benteboula,
  4. Loseille,
  5. Claisse
A7: Quad mesh.
  1. Gostaf
  2. Robert
A8: Maillage volumique - couches limites.
  1. Lagüe,
B1: A posteriori error estimation in the FEM.
  1. Fucik,
  2. Cheddadi,
  3. Jiranek
  4. Prieto
B2: Compréhension et mise en place...
  1. Chauvin,
  2. Hirstoaga
  3. Kabelikova
  4. Tizaoui
B3: Engineering and flow in coronary arteries.
  1. Riccobene,
  2. Troïanowski
B4: Direct simulation of blood flow through a stent.
  1. Diniz dos Santos
  2. Rossi
B6: Adaptation non conforme et ...
  1. Feiz,
  2. Marchal,
  3. Vasilenko
C1: Telemesh : a "Web 2.0" GUI...
Program has been cancelled
C2: Large mesh decimation and visualisation.
  1. Ghanimi
  2. Kozusnik
More financial support awarded
The organizing committee has decided to award additional financial support to the following students:

  1. BRAND Stanislav
  2. CHEDDADI Ibrahim
  3. DERIAZ Erwan
  4. FAHS Hassan
  5. FEIZ Amir Ali
  6. KLUTH Gilles
  1. GHANIMI Fadoua
  2. FUCIK Radeck
  3. MARCHAL Sandrine
  4. OKOSUN Kazeem Oare
  5. PRIETO Mariana
  6. ZORGATI Hamdi

Project B5 removed.

Students having chosen this project on biomedical application will be reaffected to other projects.

First results for financial support !
The organizing committee has decided to award financial support to the following students:

  1. ALLA Abdellah
  3. BUI Thi Thu Cuc
  4. CLAISSE Alexandra
  5. DE BUHAN Maya
  6. DUCROT Vincent
  9. KUATE Raphael
  1. LOSEILLE Adrien
  2. MEHTA Munjal
  3. NEMITZ Nicolas
  4. OLIVIER Géraldine
  5. RICCOBENE Chiara
  6. TIZAOUI Abdelkader
  7. TROÏANOWSKI Guillaume
  9. ZEHRAOUI Abderrahman

Congratulations to them !

N.B.: this list will be updated (more students will be awarded support) in the near future... keep posted...

The Cemracs poster is ready !

You can download the Cemracs poster in various formats.
Vous pouvez télécharger et regarder l'affiche du Cemracs en plusieurs formats.

LowRes image
HighRes image RGB color
HighRes image CMY color (PDF for printing)
MidRes image RGB color
MidRes image CMY color (PDF for printing)

First research projects are posted

You can find descriptions of several research projects. Please select one project you would like to work on during the research center (July 28-August 31) and report it on the registration form.

Vous trouverez la description de plusieurs projets de recherche. Choisissez l'un de ces projets et indiquez votre souhait dans le formulaire d'inscription.

Pre-registration / pré-inscriptions

Young and senior researchers can now register on-line, section registration. This inscription is independent

Les chercheurs (juniors et seniors) peuvent s'enregistrer dès maintenant sur le site, à la rubrique Inscriptions.

Web site Opening / Ouverture

Web site is now opened
Important dates: 23rd July - 31st August, 2007
Location: CIRM, Luminy (near Marseille)
Application for a financial support before June 15th, 2007.

Mise en ligne du site web dédié au Cemracs.
Les dates à retenir: 23 juillet - 31 août 2007
Lieu: CIRM, Luminy
Date limite de demande de subvention: 15 juin 2007.