Data Assimilation and Reduced Modeling for High Dimensional Problems

CIRM, Luminy, France
July 19-August 27, 2021

Sanitary Measures against Covid-19 (last updated on July 30)

Sanitary Pass required for all participants starting August 2

How and where to book a test:
  • To have a test, you need to book it in advance via Doctolib [Link]
  • To find a place in Doctolib, enter the word "antigénique" as first keyword. As a second word, write "Marseille" or "Autour de moi" (= Near me)
  • Some nearby pharmacies to get an antigenic test (by appointment)
    • Pharmacie Michelet, 127 Boulevard Michelet, 13009 Marseille [Doctlib link]
    • Pharmacie de la Rouvière, 83 Boulevard du Redon, 13009 Marseille [Doctlib link]
  • Some nearby pharmacies to get a PCR test (by appointment)
    • Laboratoires Cerballiance - site Valmante - Marseille. 100 Traverse de la Gouffonne. 13009 Marseille [Doctlib link]
    • Laboratoires Cerballiance - Site Clairval - Marseille. 317 Boulevard du Redon. 13009 Marseille [Doctlib link]

Sanitary barriers that we provide on site

  • Eveybody will be hosted in single rooms
  • Auditoriums will be filled at most at 50% capacity.
  • Social distancing guaranteed during meals.
  • Ventillation:
    • All rooms have mechanic ventillation to limit aerosol propagation
    • We will estimate in real time the ventillation quality with CO2 detectors
  • Masks wil be provided.
  • Hydroalcoholic gel provided