Data Assimilation and Reduced Modeling for High Dimensional Problems

CIRM, Luminy, France
July 19-August 27, 2021

Some Outdoor Activities near CIRM

Do not forget to bring your sun glasses, solar cream, swimming suit, and hiking gear!

Visit the beutiful city of Marseille
Hiking and swimming in the Calanques
  • General info on the Calanques: [here]
  • Some ideas of trails: [here]
  • Some ideas for a kayak excursion: [here]
  • Before going to the Calanques, check out if the access is authorised: [here] and [here]
  • Making fire is strictly forbidden
Rock Climbing
  • You need to bring your own hiking equipement
  • You need you own private insurance to be covered in case of accident.
  • Some climbing routes can be found [here]