SMAI Practical informations




In order to schedule the meals taken at the CIRM, a form will be issued each week. Please fill this form to inform the organizers about when you plan to eat at the CIRM. For saturday and sunday lunches, you have the possibility to ask for a take-away meal instead of having lunch at the CIRM.




For the first week, everyone will have his/her own room. The rooms will then be re-organized starting from the second week to take into account your choice whether you asked to share a room or not.

Self-service fridge

There is a specific fridge in the dining room. We have stored different drinks that you can access for a small price. Next to the fridge is a list that you have to tick each time you take something from the fridge.

Building entrance

The entry located the reception is closed at 6 p.m. You can enter the building by walking alongside the patio.

Security information

Access to Calanques

The access to Calanques may be restricted, depending of the weather conditions (wind and temperature).
The level of restriction is daily updated here (the area is 22). If the color is black, the access is strictly forbidden.