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Presentation of CEMRACS 2006

Random modeling and uncertainty management

CEMRACS, which is the french acronym for Summer Mathematical Research Center on Scientific Computing and Its Applications, was initiated in 1996 by Yvon Maday (see history). CEMRACS 2006 will be the eleventh of the series.

This year's CEMRACS is directly related to an increasing recent interest in studying uncertainty quantification in numerical simulations to assess modeling uncertainty. The approaches used to tackle this class of problems are many. The goal of this event is to bring together two scientific communities: the (deterministic) numerical analysis community and the statistical/probabilistic community to meet and discuss this topic. By encouraging the coupling between deterministic and stochastic methods, both at a theoretical and applied level, we hope to bring some answers to uncertainty quantification in science.

CEMRACS 2006 will host research projects on this topic sponsored by industry or public research funds. Two or three junior researchers will work on each project managed by a senior scientist. The projects will start on July 24 along with the summer school. From July 24 to July 28, the mornings will be devoted to the summer school and the afternoons to the research projects. From July 28 the participants will spend full time on the research projects.