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Prix ICIAM 2019

Félicitations aux lauréats !!!

Les lauréats sont :

Prix ICIAM Collatz pour Sidharta Mishra (ETH, Zürich, Suisse),
for his breakthrough contributions that skillfully combine modelling of real world problems and rigorous
mathematical analysis with the development of efficient and accurate numerical schemes and high performance computing.

Prix ICIAM Lagrange pour George Papanicolau (Université de Stanford, USA),
for his brilliant use of mathematics to solve important problems in science and engineering ; in particular, problems involving
inhomogeneity, wave propagation, random media, diffusion, scattering, focusing, imaging, and finance.

Prix ICIAM Maxwell pour Claude Bardos (Université René Diderot, Paris),
for his seminal contributions to nonlinear partial differential equations, kinetic theory, and mathematical fluid mechanics.

Prix ICIAM Pioneer pour Yvon Maday (Sorbonne Université, Paris),
in recognition of his leading role in the introduction of powerful methods for numerical simulation, such as spectral methods,
reduced order modeling, domain decomposition, models and simulation in medical sciences, fluid-structure interaction, and ab-initio chemistry.
Several of his works helped in the launching of start-ups and are intensively used in industry.

Prix ICIAM SU BUCHIN pour Giulia di Nunno (Université d’Oslo, Norvège),
for her long-lasting record of actively and efficiently encouraging top-level mathematical research and education in developing African countries.

La description des prix et toutes les informations concernant les lauréats et les comités des prix se trouvent à l’adresse

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