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The Series "Mathematics and Applications" (english version)

This series was founded by the "Société de Mathématiques Appliquées et Industrielles" (SMAI) with the purpose of publishing graduate-level textbooks in applied mathematics. It is mainly addressed to graduate students, but researchers and engineers will often find here advanced introductions to current research and to recent results in various branches of Applied Mathematics.

Currently, most books are written from the numerous graduate courses given in French universities and engineering schools ("grandes écoles d’ingénieurs"), but other sources are welcome. The subjects tackled by the series cover classical domains of Applied Mathematics (numerical analysis and partial differential equations, probability and statistics, operation research, etc) as well as more specific applications (in natural sciences and physics, economy, signal processing, etc).

While some books are simple textbooks, others can also serve as references.

The editors-in-chief of the series are Marc Hoffmann and Valérie Perrier.

The editorial board is : R. Abgrall, G. Allaire, M. Benaïm, M. Bergounioux, T. Colin, M.-C. Costa, A. Debussche, I. Gallagher, J. Garnier, S. Gaubert, E. Gobert, R. Herbin, M. Hoffmann, C. Le Bris, S. Méléard, F. Otto, V. Perrier, P. Robert, P. Rouchon, B. Salvy, A. Sartenaer, E. Sonnendrücker, A. Trouvé, C. Villani, E. Zuazua.

Texts or projects of book can be directly submitted to a member of the
editorial board, with copy to J. Garnier
or V. Perrier. Accepted manuscripts will have to be sent to the publihser in Latex2e format ; instructions to authors and a latex class file are available on
Springer’s website

The list of the books published in Mathématiques et Applications are available here (volumes 10+, published by Springer) or here (volumes 1-9, published by Ellipses). You can also consult
Springer’s website

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