[Liste Smai] message numéro 1 des organisateurs du CEMRACS 2021

Message venant du serveur de liste de la SMAI

Dear all,

We hope that this e-mail finds you all well.

We are very pleased to inform you that the inscriptions for the CEMRACS 2021 summer school on "Data assimilation and Reduced-order Models for high-dimensional problems" are now open.
The summer school will take place in a hybrid format from 19th July until the 23rd July.
It is possible to participate in presence to the summer school, at CIRM (close to Marseille), even though a limited number of participants on site is allowed due to sanitary restrictions.

More indications on the program of the summer school can be found here:


Registration fees of 100 euros will be asked to all participants of the summer school who are not part of research projects, either in presence or remotely. For those of you who wish to attend the summer school in presence, the registration fees *** do not cover accomodation costs ****. These accomodation costs are of 105 euros per night (including all meals) and will have to be paid in addition to the registration fees. 

Indications on the procedure to follow in order to pay these registration fees are detailed online on the webpage:


We kindly ask you to fulfill the following online form to confirm your participation whether remotely or in presence to the summer school and indicate your dates of stay *** before the 18th of June***. We apologize for this very short notice, but hope that you will be able nevertheless to indicate this information if you confirm that you wish to participate to the summer school. 


We are all looking forward to meeting you, either remorely or at CIRM for this occasion. In the meantime, take care. If you have any question (for instance regarding invitation letters for VISA), do not hesitate to contact us at cemracs21@smai.emath.fr

Best regards,

The organization committe
Virginie Ehrlacher
Damiano Lombardi
Olga Mula
Fabio Nobile
Tommaso Taddei