[Liste Smai] Scholarships for the participation at the 8th European Congress in Mathematics (Portorož, 2020)


Je vous prie de trouver ci-dessous un message en provenance de l'EMS. J'attire votre attention sur la date limite mentionnée dans ce message: 30 septembre 2019.

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Dear colleague,


We would like to inform you about the open call for scholarships for the

participation at the 8th European Congress of Mathematics (8ECM), which

will be held in Portorož, Slovenia between July 5th and July 11th, 2020.


The 8ECM Scholarship covers a congress fee waiver and a two-star

accommodation in the near vicinity of the 8ECM.

We invite all interested students, Postdoc researchers and Senior

researchers to apply via the online registration form.

Advantage will be given to nationals of developing countries, as defined

by the European

Mathematical Society, low performing EU Member States and participants

from European countries neighbouring the EU.


The deadline for applying and submitting all documents is September 30,



Instructions and the details regarding the application procedure can be

found at the web site: https://8ecm.si/about-8ecm/8ecm-scholarships


If you have any question about the 8ECM Scholarship program or the

application process,

please contact the 8ECM Organising Committee at 8ecm2020@famnit.upr.si.


Organizing Committee of the 8th European Congress of Mathematics



Tanja Labus

Office of the Organizing Committee, 8th European Congress of Mathematics


Univerza na Primorskem/University of Primorska

Fakulteta za matematiko, naravoslovje in informacijske tehnologije (UP FAMNIT)

Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies (UP FAMNIT)


Glagoljaška 8, SI-6000 Koper

Tel.:+ 386 5 61 17 675