[Liste Smai] message du president de la SME (Société Mathématique Européenne)

Message venant du serveur de liste de la SMAI

Dear colleague,

The project "Mathematics and Industry" was initiated by the European
Mathematical Society and supported by European Science Foundation through
he scheme
"Forward Looks".
Now the project comes to its conclusion and we draw your attention on
three activities
that it has originated:

1) An ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRE was put on the web. More than 600 replies
were received, but we wish that its results reflect even better the
opinion of the
mathematical community (without any distinction between "pure" and

2) A collection of SUCCESS STORIES of collaboration between
mathematicians and companies (industry, banks, administration etc.) will
be published in a booklet
that will be circulated among policy makers, funding organizations etc.

3) A WHITE PAPER that will presented to the EU Commissioner for
Industry during the final
event of the project that will take place in Brussels next December.

In connection with these activities we ask for the collaboration of
every mathematician.

So, we invite you to:

1) Access the questionnaire, through the website
http://esf.icm.edu.pl/?hid=71adc6c3b064161bdbfa63b3da767011  and enter
         username: questionaire  (WRITTEN WITH ONE  N !)
         password: questionaire  (WRITTEN WITH ONE  N !)

2) Contribute a SUCCESS STORY of cooperation (in case you had this
exprience) that will be
incorporated in the booklet

3) To send your comments/criticism/suggestions to the Final Report,
downloading it from
the website

  that will be presented along with the report

Very best regards

Ari LAPTEV - President EMS
Mario PRIMICERIO - Chair of the Forward Look "Mathematics and Industry"