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Bourses pour le colloque EMS-SIAM - Liste SMAI

Chers Collegues,

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Dear colleague

please inform whoever you think might be interested, especially your
students and post docs, and possibly anybody in
networks you are participating and especially colleagues in  
Frnace (NOTE: Up to now nobody from FRANCE has applied for 
support) that EMS can still offer support grants for young 
researchers (Ph.D. students and/or Postdocs) to atttend the:

             EMS-SIAM conference
             Applied Mathematics in our Changing World
             2-6 sept. 2001    Berlin

We have received for young researchers 80 grants each worth
550 Euro from EU to support attendance of the conference. 
Up to now, only 34 grants have been granted. These grants can 
be used only for applicants from EU membership countries and
affiliated states. (These countries are given in the end of
the e-mail)

             You find more information on the web at
Since the time is late, we shall give these out on a first come first
serve bases. See on the web the page "Registration"

With best regards                                     Rolf Jeltsch
                                                      President EMS


    The member states of EU currently are fifteen:
                    Spain, Denmark,
                    Germany, Greece, United Kingdom, France,
                    Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Finland,
                    Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg and Ireland

    The associated states of EU are:
                    Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia,
                    Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Latvia, Liechtenstein,
                    Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and

Bien cordialement,
Christine Graffigne
tel;fax:33 (0)1 44 55 35 35
tel;work:33 (0)1 44 55 35 41
org:Université Paris 5;PRISME - UFR de Mathématiques et Informatique
adr;quoted-printable:;;45 rue des Saints-P=E8res=0D=0A75270 PARIS CEDEX 06;;;;FRANCE
fn:Christine Graffigne

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