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Chers Collegues,

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                 Fourth European Conference 
             on Elliptic and Parabolic Problems:

               Rolduc (Netherlands) & Gaeta (Italy)

  Starting this year, the former  Pont-\`a-Mousson meeting  will be
split into two conferences. The first one, devoted to more theoretical 
aspects, will take place in Rolduc (Netherlands) from Monday June 18, 
to Friday June 22, 2001. The second, with more emphasis on applications, 
will take place in Gaeta (Italy) from Monday September 24, to Friday 
September 28. In Rolduc all the participants will be accommodated in
historical buildings of the Abbey located near Maastricht at the
of three borders. The Italian meeting will take place in the golf of
in front of the sea, at a 10 minutes walk of the old city of Gaeta
Rome and Naples. Both meetings can be attended separately.

  Besides Elliptic and Parabolic issues the topics of the conference 
include Geometry, Free Boundary Problems, Fluid Mechanics, Evolution 
Problems in general, Calculus of Variations, Homogenization, Control, 
Modeling and Numerical Analysis...

  The list of invited speakers includes:

  - In Rolduc: C. Bandle (Basel), H. Beir\~ao da Veiga (Pisa), 
X. Cabr\'e (Barcelona), P. G. Ciarlet (Paris), M. Escobedo (Bilbao),
H. Farwig* (Darmstadt), M. Fila (Bratislava), D. Hilhorst* (Orsay),
D. Kinderlehrer (CMU), Yan-Yan Li (Rutgers), F.H. Lin (New York),
S. Luckhaus (Leipzig), H. Matano (Tokyo), U. Mosco (Rome),
J.C.C.  Nitsche (Minneapolis), F. Otto (Bonn), M. Padula (Ferrara),
P. Pedregal* (Ciudad Real), L.A.  Peletier (Leiden),
J.F. Rodrigues* (Lisbon), C.J. van Duijn (Amsterdam)

  - In Gaeta: H. Amann (Z\"urich), C. Baiocchi (Rome), J. Ball (Oxford),
A. Berm\'udez (Santiago), M. Bertsch (Rome), C.M. Brauner* (Bordeaux),
A. Capuzzo-Dolcetta* (Rome), J. Escher (Hannover), E. Fereisl (Prague),
A. Friedman (Minneapolis), G. Geymonat (Montpellier), W. Hackbusch
A. Henrot* (Nancy), M. Iannelli* (Trento), M. Mimura (Hiroshima),
P. Podio-Guidugli (Rome), J. Rubinstein (Haifa), E. Sanchez-Palencia
S. Sauter* (Z\"urich), A. Sequeira (Lisbon)

  (*) organizers of thematic sessions

  In addition to the main lectures parallel sessions of short
will be organized. The deadline for submitting an abstract is April 1,
The division between theory and applications will not be inforced, but
a theoretical subject will certainly  have more audience in Rolduc, and
an applied one more audience in Gaeta. 

  ORGANIZING COMMITTEE : J. Bemelmans (Aachen), B. Brighi, A. Brillard 
(Mulhouse), M. Chipot (Z\"urich), F. Conrad (Nancy), I. Shafrir
(Haifa), V. Valente (IAC, Rome), G. Vergara-Caffarelli (Rome).

  e-mails of the conference:,



Bien cordialement,


tel;fax:33 (0)1 44 55 35 35
tel;work:33 (0)1 44 55 35 41
org:Université Paris 5;PRISME - UFR de Mathématiques et Informatique
adr;quoted-printable:;;45 rue des Saints-P=E8res=0D=0A75270 PARIS CEDEX 06;;;;FRANCE
fn:Christine Graffigne

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