SMAI Seminars

Daily talks will be given during the research session at 9am.

Tentative schedule

Monday July 28 Tuesday July 29 Wednesday July 30 Thursday July 31 Friday August 1
09:00-10:00 Anne Nouri
(LATP, Marseille)
On a transport equation of plasma physics
Mihai Bostan
(LATP, Marseille)
High magnetic field averaged models for plasma physics
(slides, video)
Michel Mehrenberger
(IPP & Univ. Strasbourg)
KEEN wave simulations: a 15-year story of 2 peta points
(slides, video)
Guido Huijsmans
(ITER, St Paul Lez Durance)
MHD Simulations for ITER
(slides, video)
Bruno Després
(LJLL, Paris 6)
Mathematical properties of hierarchies of reduced MHD models
(slides, video)

Additional talks (2pm):
  • Monday July 28: Presentation of some research projects not presented before
  • Tuesday July 29: Lise-Marie Imbert-Gérard (Courant Institute, NYU) O-X mode conversion in the cold plasma model

Monday August 4 Tuesday August 5 Wednesday August 6 Thursday August 7 Friday August 8
09:00-10:00 Natalia Tronko
(IPP, Garching)
Exact conservation laws for Hamiltonian Gyrokinetic theory
Francis Filbet
(ICJ, Lyon)
On hybrid methods for rarefied gas models
(slides, video)
Philippe Helluy
(IRMA, Strasbourg)
Discontinuous Galerkin solver design on hybrid computers
(slides, video)
Kai Schneider
(M2P2, Marseille)
Immersed boundary methods
for numerical simulation of
confined fluid and plasma
turbulence in complex geometries
Céline Caldini-Queiros
(LMB, Besançon)
Asymptotic-Preserving schemes for highly magnetized plasmas
(slides) --
Pierre Navarro (Univ. Strasbourg)
Introduction to Python

Monday August 11 Tuesday August 12 Wednesday August 13 Thursday August 14 Friday August 15

Stéphane Brull
(IMB, Bordeaux)
Asymptotic-preserving scheme for the Fokker-Planck-Landau-Maxwell system in the quasi-neutral regime

Ahmed Ratnani
(LJAD, Nice)
Towards complex and realistic tokamaks geometries
(slides, video)

no seminar

Monday August 18 Tuesday August 19 Wednesday August 20 Thursday August 21 Friday August 22

Damien Furfaro

A simple HLLC-type Riemann solver for compressible non-equilibrium two-phase flows

Monday August 25 Tuesday August 26 Wednesday August 27 Thursday August 28 Friday August 29

Presentation of

Presentation of
projects (Congapic, Deepomp, Password)

no seminar