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CEMRACS Morning Seminar

A seminar will be held daily from 9:00 to 10:00 in the CIRM conference room

  • Tuesday 26 July 2005
    Jan Hesthaven (Brown University, USA)
    High order discontinuous Galerkin methods for the Maxwell equations

  • Wednesday 27 July 2005
    Jochen Fröhlich (TU Karlsruhe, Germany)
    Introduction to Large Eddy Simulations

  • Thursday 28 July 2005
    Bernd Noack (TU Berlin, Germany)
    Low Dimensional Modelling

  • Friday 29 July 2005
    Suad Jakirlic (TU Darmstadt, Germany)
    Second-Moment Closure and Related RANS Models: Fundamentals and Recent Developments

  • Monday 1 August 2005
    Albert Cohen (Paris 6 University, France)
    Adaptive multiscale methods for evolution equations

  • Tuesday 2 August 2005
    Eric Serre (LMSNM-GP Marseille, France)
    Spectral methods for investigating rotating flows

  • Wednesday 3 August 2005
    Guillaume Latu and Matthieu Haefele (LSIIT, University Strasbourg I, France)
    A parallel wavelet based adaptive Vlasov Solver

  • Thursday 4 August 2005
    Dominic Von Terzi (Institute for Hydromechanics, Karlsruhe University, Germany)
    DNS and hybrid RANS/LES of axisymmetric, supersonic base flows at high Reynolds numbers.

  • Friday 5 August 2005
    Kai Schneider(CMI, University of Marseille, France)
    Denoising using nonlinear wavelet threshholding. Applications to signal and image processing.

  • Monday 8 August 2005
    Eric Sonnendrücker (IRMA, Strasbourg I University, France)
    Numerical method for the Vlasov equation

  • Tuesday 9 August 2005
    Régine Barthelmé (IRMA, Strasbourg I University, France)
    Charge conservation in PIC methods

  • Wednesday 10 August 2005
    Michaël Gutnic (IRMA, Strasbourg I University, France)
    Wavelet based adaptive Vlasov solvers

  • Thursday 11 August 2005
    Emmanuel Frénod (Bretagne Sud University, France)
    Confinement computation in a lagoon with tide

  • Friday 12 August 2005
    Frédéric Lagoutière (Paris VII University, France)
    Time asymptotics for numerical solutions of scalar conservation laws

  • Tuesday 16 August 2005
    Claus-Dieter Munz (Stuttgart University, Germany)
    High Order Finite Volume Schemes

  • Wednesday 17 August 2005
    Stéphane Del Pino (CEA Bruyères-Le-Châtel, France)
    Arbitrary high-order schemes for the linear advection and wave equation:
    application to hydrodynamics and aeroacoustics

  • Thursday 18 August 2005
    Michael Dumbser (Stuttgart University, Germany)
    High Order Discontinuous Galerkin Schemes

  • Friday 19 August 2005
    Frieder Lörcher (Stuttgart University, Germany)
    High Order Finite Difference Schemes

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